Course Outline
This course provides in-depth coverage of Tableau Server administration. The knowledge and skills acquired are best geared toward those who will be administering a Tableau Server installation, including managing content, users, and permissions.

Learn how to leverage Tableau Server to access interactive insights from anywhere. This session will help to familiarize you with the main features of Tableau Server, enabling you to publish, share and administrate content.

As a Tableau Server administrator you will control who has access to server content to help protect sensitive data. Administrators can set user permissions on projects, workbooks, views, and data sources.
Basic windows/linux administration

Tableau Server Overview

• Tableau Product Line
• End-User Abilities

Tableau Server Architecture

• Component Functions
• Server Diagrams

Single Server Installation

• Technical Specifications
• Tableau Server Installation Checklist
• Configuration Options
• Resolutions for Common Installation Issues
• Installing Tableau Server Software

User Experience

• Content Navigation, Searching, and Filtering
• Exploring Server Content Types and Objects
• Updating Account Settings
• Setting the Start Page
• Viewing Version Information
• Renaming a Project
• Adding a Workbook Description